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2009 June

27 Jun


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Short trailer for an event on at View Two Gallery this Thursday, 6pm – 9pm. The audience can control the robot via pressure pads. Could get messy.

18 Jun


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Playtime with Isadora

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This week I made a presentation at a conference about the use of Technology in Childrens Dance Theatre, held at FACT in Liverpool. I talked about my role as a digital designer for a childrens dance show called ‘A Different Tune‘, which is currently touring the North West, as well as giving people an insight into Isadora, a very nifty peice of software for digital design.

Isadora playtime - 50 in one

I based the presentation on three oppositions:

1. input / output
2. Values / value
3. media / idea

The first aim was to communicate how Isadora can be used to take any number of inputs (sound, movement, colour, position, midi….) and apply that to an output (size, volume, position, speed, etc ). For this I had people cheering to make the screen brighter, waving their arms to make a movie go faster and turning two volunteers into a human mixing desk by having raise and lower coloured paper infront of a camera.

Isadora Playtime - wave isadora play - chroma

This then raised the question of ‘Whats the point?’. And of course there isn’t any, unless you have an idea to communicate.

isadora playtime


Finally I asked three people to design an imaginary creature (like in my ‘Creatures in Motion‘  workshop). They then developed a biology and history for those creatures. And finally they created the sound of that creature. As they growled, chirped and mewed, the images of the creatures grew, but this time we had all invested a lot in their stories and ideas and so were  more deeply engaged by this relatively simple input / output.

Isadora playtime - creatures

I never generally like using technology for its own sake and find myself often having to argue for the absense of it in shows. An audience needs to engage with ideas, not technology.

A Small Cinema - idea

15 Jun


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Point and Shoot

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This is how a videosmith holds a camera. He snarls and points it at you. Photo by Pete Carr.

15 Jun


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Liverpool to Glastonbury

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Owain Bentley Liverpool

Both The Huge Entity and The Model City will be going to Glastonbury Festival, along with a selection of shorts from the A Small Cinema project. One of those films is a cracking little animation called simply ‘Liverpool’ by animator Owain Bentley, a recent graduate of Liverpool Art and Design Academy. The programme has been curated by Bren O’Callaghan.

06 Jun


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The Huge Entity – video document

June 6, 2009 | By | One Comment

Having spent much time already wondering whether something exists if it isn’t documented, I must admit I didn’ t take the chance of my work not existing and so I had it filmed.  Here is the video of The Huge Entity installation being used by amused passers-by. What video can do is communicate effectively (more effectively than my writing anyway) how a piece actually works. Thanks to Neringa for making the film.