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2010 February

28 Feb


"I walk the line"

February 28, 2010 | By |

Artist Thomas Shephard gives a performance exploring public / private space in the city centre. ‘Walking Tour of Liverpool One’ navigates the public circumference of the privately owned Liverpool One shopping development. I was interested to document Thomas’ take on this issue, having already done some work in relation to Liverpool One, both in the The Model City and Make Your Own Liverpool projects. I will also be working one a project later this year researching the history of the site prior to it’s re-development.

“Walking Tour of Liverpool One’ was performed as part of the Bluecoats ‘View From the Grassy Knoll’ event on 27th Feb 2010. An unedited video of the full 20 minute walk can be seen here.

19 Feb


Work in progress: Bells

February 19, 2010 | By |

A further experiment in colourful reactive percussion, this time using these beautiful handbells. The isadora patch uses the eyes actor to track movement in a specific area of the camera in order to trigger each bell. Eventually it will be triggered by kids jumping up an down.