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2012 August

26 Aug


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The Universe and Me

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In June / July I became reacquainted with the world of theatre thanks to an opportunity to work on a show with Liverpool-based theatre company 20 Stories High. Director Keith Saha is a keen collaborator, often working with other artists and integrating different practices into his shows, whether it be rap, puppetry, or in this case, interactive video.

The show was called Universe and Me, and had been developed with the 20SH youth theatre group. It was a great experience for me to work again in this context, not having done so properly since doing video design for A Different Tune. Keith was really keen to push what we could do with isadora, and I felt technically stretched by some of the ideas we had. We used live camera recordings, mobile projections, used multiple webcams for simulating Skype conversations (and no, actually using Skype is never a reliable solution, not even for Skype!).

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19 Aug


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‘Time back way back – Babel Fiche and the post-apocalytic archive’

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“O what we ben! And what we come to …How cud any 1 not want to get that shining Power back from time back way back? How cud any 1 not want to be like them what had boats in the air and picters on the wind? How cud any 1 not want to see them shining weals terning?” – excerpt from Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban

The above lament is taken from Russell Hoban”s post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel, Riddley Walker – a story set in a future England, in which society is living through a new iron age. Fragments of the previous world are dug up from the dirt, or passed down the generations in broken english, to form the myths that underpin there current ”civilisation”. The main character, Riddley, is haunted by the evidence of a previous society that was far more technologically advanced, and yet sewed the seeds of its own destruction in the “1Big1”. A similar kind of post-apocalytic shamanism forms the basis for Dave Griffith”s Babel Fiche film, currently showing at the Castlefield Gallery, Manchester.

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