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2013 July

29 Jul


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Wondrous Place images

July 29, 2013 | By | No Comments

A few images from the Wondrous Place show that toured the North in April / May.

web_wondrousPlace_sam-70 web_wondrousPlace_sam-71 web_wondrousPlace_sam-75 web_wondrousPlace_sam-77 web_wondrousPlace_sam-80 web_wondrousPlace_sam-85 web_wondrousPlace_sam-101 web_wondrousPlace_sam-107 web_wondrousPlace_sam-109 web_wondrousPlace_sam-112 web_wondrousPlace_sam-118 web_wondrousPlace_sam-120

23 Jul


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Creative Process #3 – POSTPONED

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Sadly this event has now been postponed till December. So it goes. Credit to Rob and Greg for explaining the reasons behind it – am looking forward to talking at the re-scheduled event!



Thursday 1st August I will be speaking at CREATIVE PROCESS #3, an event organised by Creative Liverpool (Rob O’Rourke and Greg Foreman). I will be talking about creating the context to work with video, and seeing it as a distributed system, rather than simply a closed ‘film’. I’ll also be giving a first glimpse of an usual new project. Also speaking will be designers Anthony Casey and Gavin Strange, plus there is a rumour about pizza and beer. (fyi – the last time I was infront of an audience at Elevator Bar was the legendary Gltich Karaoke event, and I was singing Shaggy)

Please come down and and enjoy the event –  I promise not to waffle too much.

Creative Process #3
Elevator Bar, Liverpool
6pm Thurs 1st August
tickets £12 / £8 students



12 Jul


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Noah’s Ark in Cyclovision

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A few pictures of the Noah’s Ark film installation at Castlefield Gallery as part of the Spaceship Unbound exhibition. The most striking aspect of this installation is the fact it is powered by Cyclovision – an invention by Bob of the HacMan collective – utilising pedal power and a Raspberry Pi interface to create a system that asks audiences to ‘charge up’ the projector before playing the film.

web_spaceShipUnbound-1-03 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-04 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-06 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-16 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-17 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-20 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-22 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-24 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-30 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-32