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2016 July

26 Jul


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Knitted Horse Performance @ Waterside – As It Happened

July 26, 2016 | By | No Comments

Waterside Horse 01 Export-500

A couple of pictures of my performance of the Knitted Horse in Motion at Waterside Art Gallery as part of the opening of ROGUE AT WATERSIDE. I have to say, I was really really nervous all day about whether it would work, especially presenting it within the large theatre, but thankfully there were no hiccups. I had seom great comments afterwards about the piece, as well as a couple of safety concious reminders not to leave the iron on. For those people who enjoyed the music, the playlist was:

PIcs by Robert Walker and Simone Ridyard

web_RobertWalker_waterside_1 web_RobertWalker_waterside_2 web_SimoneRidyard_waterside_2 web_SimoneRidyard_waterside_4 web_SimoneRidyard_waterside_6

22 Jul


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Rogue at Waterside: Sat 23 July – Sat 22 Oct

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My Knitted Horse Firework film is exhibiting at Waterside Arts Centre in Sale from Sat 23 July – Sat 22 October, along with some great work by other artists at Rogue Artists’ studios. It is part of an annual show by Rogue at the venue (and could be the last one, considering the current situation with ur home at Crusader Mill. I will also also be doing a live knitting performance on the the preview night (Friday 22nd July), attempting to knit and animate the Horse in Motion film from scratch.

Participating Artists – Matthew Bamber, Darren Beatty, Bartosz Beda, Margaret Cahill, Annie Carpenter, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Jane Chavez-Dawson, Jan Chlebik, Chris Paul Daniels, Claire Dorsett, Tracey Eastham, Abraham Emajaro, Sarah Eyre, Sarah Feinmann, Laura Frame, David Gledhill, John Hamilton, Michelle Harrison, Lucy Harvey, Len Horsey, Hilary Jack, Elizabeth Kwant, Ivan Leudar, Sam Meech, Geoff Molyneux, Martin Nash, Steve Oliver, Jen Orpin, Lucy Ridges, Rebecca Rogers, Jenny Steele, Cherry Tenneson, Darren Tolliday, Hannah Wiles, Ky Wooliscroft, Surplus Value


14 Jul


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Data As Culture: Thinking Out Loud: 15 July 2016 – 31 March 2017

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The Open Data Institute, London presents a new ‘Data As Culture’ show – THINKING OUT LOUD, inspired by the way modern and traditional crafts are built with code. My previous work ‘8 Hours Labour’ has been re-presented as part of the show, and this time features an invition to buy my ‘work’.


Thinking Out Loud centres around musician, programmer and ODI Sound Artist in Residence, Alex McLean – made possible through a partnership with Sound and Music, through their Embedded artist residency programme – as well as ten of his collaborators. The works explore the ways in which humans have captured and encoded data throughout history, from the ancient art of weaving, and Inca quipu (a recording method using knotted strings) to live coding, and hacking woollen jumpers. The exhibition is interactive, ever-changing and radical, and includes artists who rarely exhibit in gallery environments.

There are some brilliant artists from the fields of both programming and craft, some of whom I’ve been lucky enough to meet before. Since my 8 Hours Labour banner already resided in the ODI HQ, I was asked it it might formally be included in the show, as it also explores similar themes of how data and digital tools might inform traditional craftworks.


I decided to use the opportunity to also present the extension of the work – ‘Rates For The Job‘ – an invitation to buy my labour rather than my ‘work’. A detailed Purchase Order / Contract allows people to buy a day of my knitting labour at Arts Council England recommended rates, upon the understanding that they are only buying my artistic work, and not an artwork as object. The resulting knitted banner – 8 Hours Labour – serves only as a ‘receipt’ – a proof or document of that labour, and is in itself worth nothing.

This premise was originally conceived in 2014 when ODI asked me to present the large scale ‘Punchcard Economy’ banner, which was too large to exhibit, and so I resolved to knit a sample of the work – simply ‘8 Hours Labour’. I decided to charge simply for the labour it took to make and package the work – approximately 8 hours. This idea was subsequently presented at Kinetic Art Fair, where again I invited people to buy my labour rather than an art-object. Whilst many people understood and appreciated the idea, unfortunately I left the market without a single order.

If you’d like to buy 8 Hours Labour, you can contact me at worker[at]punchcardeconomy[dot]co[dot]uk




01 Jul


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Gillfoot No. 2

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A database video installation drawing upon 2 accounts of a recent mine collapse in Egremont, Cumbria. Each interview is split into 100+ clips which are called randomly and played back with realtime fx rendering using isadora. The final piece will be shown as part of a group exhibition in Florence Mine, Egremont.