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30 Dec


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‘Archive’ – video installation

December 30, 2012 | By | No Comments


‘Archive’ is a single screen database video installation about the preservation and cataloguing of memory. Made of 16 reinforced file boxes, all backed with architectural tracing paper to form a simple back projection screen. Into these boxes are projected various films from the NWFA collection, footage of the NWFA itself, plus other bits and bobs exploring my own personal experiences in relation to preservation.

Shown as part of the Co-operative exhibition, Liverpool Biennial 2010 –

Like much of my work this is built using isadora to trigger and arrange a database of over 100 video clips. The patch arranges the videos in compositions to fit the grid created by the boxes. As a result, some lovely combinations occur of archive footage amongst the filming cabinets of the NWFA.

I don’t usually think of myself doing ’sculpture’ or ‘installation’, but as soon as you project anything the piece takes on a spatial dimension that has to be negotiated and in that sense becomes architectural (I have become very fond of the screen I have constructed from ‘R-Kive’ boxes). This piece was a way for me to document my experience within the North West Film Archive and explore the idea of selection and preservation in a much looser, more formal way than I could in Noah’s Ark.

It also let me bring in some other stuff taking place in my life whilst working on Noah’s Ark – namely the deterioration and death of my grandma, which I documented along the way. It is perhaps strange and morbid to do this, but it gave me some ownership of her memory, and infact some of the images are fascinating.

Photos of the ‘Archive’ used courtesy of Alex Wolkowicz

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