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Binary Scarves

I have a new batch of binary scarves available, knitted by Unique Knitwear at Crusader Mill, Mcr. (We worked on the Unique Editions exhibition together). I’ve had some really lovely comments about the first batch I did, so I’m hoping people enjoy these new designs.  I’m not sure if they are art or knitwear anymore, but I can assure you they’ll keep your neck warm!

What are Binary Scarves?

The design of each scarf encrypts a quotation as a binary code, whereby each 8 stitches represents a letter from the alphabet, using a value ascribed to a character from the ASCII text alphabet. (You can find lots of text to binary convertors online). I’ll write more about this at somepoint soon:

ASCII is an encoding system, known as an abbreviation for the American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Designed initially for old type computers and printers from telegraphic codes, it was based on 128 symbols including 10 numbers, 26 letters of English alphabet, a number of punctuation marks, etc. – from

I developed the idea and process for a design commission by the ODI for their co-founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 2014 (I kid you not – again I’ll post more about this later). Since then I’ve been creating designs based on quotes that play on the notion of encryption, patterns, binary, or the engagement with machines and technology as part of a creative process.

The current set of designs are as follows:

Alan Turing: “Machines take me by surprise with great frequency”
available in: black / white   (medium)

Gertrude Stein – “This is the lesson that history teaches: repetition.”
available in: red / Green – (large)

George M Whitesides: “The virtue of binary is that it’s the simplest possible way of representing numbers. Anything else is more complicated”
available in: black / red – (large)

*SOLD OUT* – more in New Year

Herbert Read: “Art is pattern informed by sensibility.” 
available in: yellow / blue – (medium) and purple / pink (medium)

All scarves are double jaquard (reverse design on the other side).
The large scarves have been knitted on a 5-gauge machine and are pretty damn big and wide (72″ x 13″). They are finished with an overlocker on all sides.
The medium scarves have been knitted on a 7-gauge machine – they have a finer knit and measure 72″ x 9″. They have a selvage on each side, and finished using the overlocker on each end.

They are all just £20 each plus P&P (about £3.40 for UK). (If you’re in Manchester or Liverpool I’ll do my best to get it to you and save you the postage.

give me a shout if you want one – email me at hello [@] smeech [dot] co [dot] uk