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06 Jun


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Cinema Memory Posters

June 6, 2010 | By | No Comments

Last week at Screen Deva I ran a workshop where people could screen print their own Cinema Memory Posters. It was the first time I had run the workshop and with typical optimism I totally underestimated the time each print would take to prepare, but we had a great day nonetheless, producing over 20 different posters with kids and parents. A lot of the memories were related to the films, but some touched on other aspects such as going to the cinema with mum and dad, or it being someone’s birthday.

The poster template worked really well as a place for people to put their memories. They first had to think of an experience they wanted to share, and then boil ot down to just a few words. They would then lay it out in illustrator (with the help of Neringa) which would then be sent to the vinyl cutter. Once weeded, this vinyl provided the stencil for printing. I prepared 150 posters with the blue template the day before, and the kids would screen print their words onto the template. It was nice and hands on and at the end they had a really nice poster that looked great but was also really personal to them.

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