Composite: Feedback

In October, myself and poet Nathan Jones presented the latest instalment of our collaborative experiments with live text and analogue video titlers, this time at the Cornerhouse, Manchester. Building on the Composite Video Lectures format, 3 speakers (Nathan Jones, Hannah Silva, and Steven Fowler) presented papers outlining perspectives on poetry, violence, composition and performance. Each paper was accompanied by live annotation from the analogue video titlers, creating a secondary text projected live behind the speaker.

This time we attempted to develop the role of the live video documentation, projecting the feed across three screens, each feed mediated by a combination of layered analogue video titlers, and digital text interfaces (including Mathew Lee’s isadora twitter scraper). The feed was also recorded to a database created  in isadora. for re-incorporation later. Following the 3 papers, each speaker performed a semi-improvised work in response to the collected annotations. The recorded footage was represented for the second part of the session, interrupting the living performances of the speakers, encouraging to improvise with their own material as it was re-played in random bursts.

The performances were re-documented using the isadora database, and a final ‘composite document’ – a version generated through random selection – created to mark the event.

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