Document: Unearthed exhibition


Last night was the opening of the Unearthed exhibition at Florence Mine. I went back to the gallery this morning to take some images of the space.

After 4 days of frantic installation, the exhibition looked great. We had a very busy opening night and I talked to many people who all seemed genuinely intrigued and impressed with the show. I was so proud to see the work of the artists on the project, finally complete, and looking fantastic in the space. Some very accomplished pieces, and in fact each artist had achieved a great deal in terms of their own development, whether it be learning new tools, trying a different approach to making work, or using the work to make a personal journey. I was pleased too with my own pieces – the concrete mould had worked well for Deep Repository, with the View From Here film playing from the brick itself, and the video installation about Gillfoot No2 didn’t look bad either. It’s a relief to have got to this point where we can simply enjoy what we’ve created.


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