Film Soup at Rogue Open Studios



At the end of September I took part in the Film Soup Collective’s show as part of the Rogue Open Studios event. The Film Soup collective has been meeting for over a year, and the artists involved all explore fundamental properties of film and animation. Showing as part of this event were Dave Griffiths, Mary Stark, Joe Duffy, Chris Paul Daniels and myself.

This gave me a first chance to share my Knitted Horse in Motion prototype. I presented the animation alongside the knitted ‘reel’ and the punchcard that created it.

Mary Stark showed a 16 mm loop created from an exposure of upholsterer’s measuring tape.

Dave Griffiths created his own 35mm film stock from  splicing tape, and used a polarising filter to reveal the amazing range of colours inherent within the material.

Joe Duffy shared his stereoscopic images from his recent residency in China with Dave. The slides were exhibited on a lightbox with stereoscopic viewers.

Chris Daniels showed two video works that referenced early animation techniques –  the Zoetrope and the Thaumatrope.



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