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“On est tous un groupe d’amis ici” (we are all friends here)

A series of works looking at the experiences of people in downtown Montreal, and critically questioning the role of arts in a changing urban environment. The works have been based on a number of interviews around Quartier des Spectacle, as well as visual research into the area.

The works seek to record and imaginatively represent the ideas, experiences and iconography of the people living, working and passing through the area, as traditional knitted fairisle patterns, brought to life as animations, audio recordings, and installed as site-specific markers. The aim is to build a picture of overlapping and often conflicting perspectives on the area, revealing characters, stories, social dynamics and tensions, and ask the question “what is the place of the arts?”.

‘Ceci n’est pas un Spectacle’ – knitted animation

Crossed Lines – interactive sound installation in phonebox

Fairisle Markers for La Place des Arts – textile banners