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Filter performance

Knitted Horse Performance

A 20 minute adrenaline-fuelled machine-knitting performance – perhaps the first of its kind – in which  Eadweard Muybridge’s iconic ‘Horse in Motion’ is knitted, ironed and animated to soundtrack of horse-themed 7-inch records. As the artist talks the audience through the process, the “will he / wont he” suspense is heightened by the self-evident danger of knitting-whilst-talking, and using a hot iron whilst listening to loud music. Those audiences lucky enough to see the artist successfully traverse the highwire tension of live knitting are rewarded with the wondrous sight of a knitted horse galloping onscreen, inviting rapturous applause. Previous witnesses have likened it to an almost religious experience.

The Knitted Horse Performance has been successfully performed at Waterside Arts Centre (Sale), Creative Process (Liverpool), and Flatpack Film Festival (Birmingham). It has also been unsuccesfully performed at Film Material (Manchester), whereupon the knit carriage jammed and broke two needles.

Tech requirements:

Venue provides:

  • power, extensions
  • chair
  • speakers / PA and audio input (if possible)
  • projection screen (if possible)
  • documentation (if possible)

Artist provides:

  • 2 x tables
  • projector and cables
  • record player
  • iron
  • knitting machine
  • camera for live feed
  • PA / speakers (if neccesary)
  • projection screen (if necessary)


Knit RGB / Synth / Disco

An ongoing series of performance experiments to programme sound and light from a punchcard knitting machine. Combining a hands-on interface with midi synths and dmx LED par cans, the knitting machine becomes it’s own disco.

By punching holes in the punchcard, the artist and audience is able to programme a binary value, which is tracked by the camera, and processed as values passed to the synth, lights and projector. The knitted artifact is merely a by-product and document of this performance.


Knit Synth at Test Card 11, Manchester
Knit Synth – Make Fest Liverpool
Knit RGB Disco at Film Material Toast
Knit RGB at The Whitworth