Noah’s Ark in Cyclovision

A few pictures of the Noah’s Ark film installation at Castlefield Gallery as part of the Spaceship Unbound exhibition. The most striking aspect of this installation is the fact it is powered by Cyclovision – an invention by Bob of the HacMan collective – utilising pedal power and a Raspberry Pi interface to create a system that asks audiences to ‘charge up’ the projector before playing the film.

web_spaceShipUnbound-1-03 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-04 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-06 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-16 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-17 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-20 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-22 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-24 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-30 web_spaceShipUnbound-1-32

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