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Fait Accomplis

Machine-knitted tiles for Crusader Mill, Manchester

machine knitting – 12 tiles and 3 signs

Created for PROGRESS exhibition at Rogue Artists Studios, as part of Manchester Histories Festival, 4th – 12th June 2016

In November 2015, members of Rogue Artists Studios were informed that Crusader Mill, the home to Rogue as well as a number of textiles factories, has been sold to developers Capital & Centric. Whilst the news came as a shock, it was perhaps equally not a surprise, and perhaps even overdue. It placed the artists at Rogue and our neighbours in a tough predicament; either to look for new premises, and tackle the logistics of moving, or consider winding up. In the stone stairwell that connects the studios and the factories, hand painted signage pointing to previous tenants is daubed over layers of peeling paint. In the last few months, these have been complemented by the paper grid reference icons of the quantity surveyors.

These works recreate samples of the formal signage, painted type, peeling textures and surveyance systems that ca be found in the stairwell. Each piece is created by documenting a 40cm x 40cm sample, reinterpreted as a knitting pattern, and machine knitted using carefully chosen yarns, before being re-installed over their orginal location, sealing their fate.