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Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark is a poetic re-telling of the biblical tale, made entirely using footage from the North West Film Archive, with a score by Carl Brown (Wave Machines) and a layered spoken narrative from poet Nathan Jones (Mercy).

Exploring the idea of preservation amidst an oncoming flood, the film uses archive footage to explore the difficulties in maintaining personal memories and cultural heritage within a shifting digital landscape.

What would you save?

Noah is a minister in a church in Hulme who prophesises a flood to his people. As they rush to save what they can, they abandon any memories that might weigh them down. Together they set sail upon the high seas until they reach the Magic Isle, a place to build their new life – Fleetwood. As time goes by, their utopian seaside town begins to fade, and Noah is haunted by regretful nightmares of a sickening error, and visions of a new flood.

This film was developed from the Gleaners artist residency at the North West Film Archive, Manchester, UK, commissioned by Abandon Normal Devices Festival, Oct 2010.

The film can also be screened as a live event, with live music and poetry.

Noah’s Ark film website