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22 May


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Moves Opening Night

May 22, 2010 | By | No Comments

Photo documentation of the Moves 10 launch in April where I performed a VJ set alongside sound scientist Tom Rea Smith (Amos) and TV Lux man Tristan Brady-Jacobs. It’s really nice to see how it looked to the audience, especially the Tangram-making section, which I couldn’t see at all due to my wrestling with those darn puzzles. Photos by Garth of

30 Apr


Re-modelled – "Lines Of Bees"

April 30, 2010 | By |

Last week I presented a AV set with Tom Rea Smith as for the opening night of MOVES10 at the Bluecoat. Most of my set was created using dynamic patches in Isadora, mixing live camera and video feedback, but for this section I decided instead to plunder an old project, The Model City, for material and give myself a breather in the set. The track ‘Lines of Bees’ is presented simply with the Liverpool One section of the film.

18 Mar


Framing Motion

March 18, 2010 | By |

I’ve been waiting patiently for the press launch before I could put this one up. Here is the trailer I made for Moves 2010 International Festival of Movement On Screen. The theme of the festival is ‘Framing Motion’. The logo is by Smiling Wolf. And the festival takes place from 21st – 25th April in Liverpool and across the UK.

I was asked to create a piece of “artwork”, and whilst ultimately this is a just simple sting for a festival, the openness of that brief allowed me to explore my practice of using live layered feedback to create much more organic forms and movements. It may not look so slick, but its an achievement for me personally as I’m not a motion graphics designer. Instead of using After Effects or Motion (which scare me I’m ashamed to admit) I used the tools I do know: live camera feedback and Isadora.

The theme of Framing Motion was an interesting one for me to play with, as it is about the context in which movement occurs. With this video i tried to merge the movement and its context through the use of a feedback loop, in which the ‘frame’ of the image is a central visual element rather than a peripheral one.

This is not a straight forward feedback loop either – I was able to isolate changes in the image (‘difference’) and re-inject these back into the animation, but with changing tints. So what we see are essentially the movements between frames, rather than the direct content of the frames. The things we see are the things we can’t see. Apologies I’m babbling.

The sound, a track called ‘Palindromes’, was by my good friend and sonic structuralist Amos. As the name implies, the track is structured so it sounds the same forwards as backwards. This encouraged me to make both an intro and an outro video sting, but I’ve only put the intro one up here.

Anyway, cheers to Gala at Moves for giving me a stab at this. Thankyou to Tom for the excellent music. Will hopefully be creating some live VJ mixes during the festival alongside Tristan “TV Lux” Brady-Jacobs. Be sure to come and enjoy!

31 Jan


Blended Works 2005 – 2009

January 31, 2010 | By |

A visual mix of selected video works over the last five years. I decided to take stock of my work as part of an application for a residency at the North West Film Archive as part of AND. Fingers crossed.

Featured works:

0. Intro
1. Insane Mind
2. Human Grace
3. Electronica / Experiments in the revival of organisms
4. Angry boy
5. Noise Clouds
6. A Long Journey
8. Symphony of Bells
9. The Model City
10. The Huge Entity

All material used is either produced by myself or taken from and used under the Creative Commons license.

‘Kinetic Fallacy – Audiovision’ – music by Kinetic Fallacy (Hannah Peel and Emma Welsby)


‘Insane Mind’ – footage from ‘Nosferatu’
‘Human Grace’ – Footage from ‘Olympia’.
‘Electronica / Experiments in the revival of organisms’ footage from ‘Experiments in the revival of organisms’
‘AngryBoy’ – footage from ‘Emotions of Everyday Living’ and ‘Angry Boy’
‘Noise Clouds’ – video by Steve Clarkson.

A Long Journey – Sounds by Amos. Videos by Sam Meech / Pete Bamford. Mix by Sam Meech

‘Love’ – recordings and colours by Sam Meech, sounds by Amos.

‘Symphony of Bells’ – filmed by Tim Brunsden, Steve Clarkson, Markus Soukup, Sam Meech. Edited by steve Clarkson.

‘The Model City’ – sounds by Amos.

‘The Huge Entity’ – sounds by Amos.

11 Nov


A Long Journey (Crackle / Feedback)

November 11, 2009 | By |

The more time has past, the more fond I have grown of this piece, and so finally putting this online. It was amos’ idea, and its power comes from the sincere words and the intense score, but I am pleased with the role of the video in expressing these ideas.

I showed it in Apocalypse at Red Wire in August, and I’ve just submitted it to AV Fest, so fingers crossed. Made as part of ‘The Winter Will Not Last Forever’, a series of soundworks developed by composer Amos on the theme of ‘hope’, and performed at HIVE. This piece is a live stream mix from Isadora and combines video samples from myself and the late great Pete Bamford.

A voice reads out a letter telling of his personal struggle amidst bereavement and addiction. A red glow pulses behind a growing storm of grit and noise. As the storm becomes ever harsher, the glow becomes stronger. The glow and the storm begin to feedback on themselves, becoming enmeshed and amplified towards and inevitable end. Created using simple samples pushed through a state of live video feedback, organically re-incorporated and remixed.

Text by Warwick Ward
Images by Pete Bamford and Sam Meech
Sounds by Amos

11 Aug


The End of the World…is over

August 11, 2009 | By |

apocalypse now

Red Wire Gallery’s ‘Apocalypse Now’ exhibition finished at the weekend. There were some great works in their including a 4 screen installation of an old lady 4, 3, 2, and 1 days before her death, and these crows pecking at baby birds. ‘A Long Journey’, a video piece I developed for Amos‘ music performance The Winter Will Not Last Forever in collaboration with Pete Bamford, was also part of the exhibition. The video is essentially a glowing red  pulse that grows and wanes, whilst crackle swirls around like a snow storm, feeding back on itself, whilst a voice over recounts their personal reflection on battling bereavement and drug addiction and the possibility of hope. The crows provided an audience.

28 Jan


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Music for Sleeping – the next morning

January 28, 2009 | By | No Comments

mfs image 02

mfs image 01

Images from the performance of Music for Sleeping at the Bluecoat, courtesy of Richard G.

15 Dec


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Music for Sleeping

December 15, 2008 | By | No Comments

Music for Sleeping flyer

The new year will begin with an interesting and relaxing event with Tom Smith (aka Amos) who presents his Music for Sleeping project, first performed at View Two Gallery last year. As a member of the audience I was treated to a comfy space to lie down and soak up the surround experience of Tom’s soundscapes whilst meditating on the textured imagery beamed on the gallery ceiling by VJ Pistol Pete, now sadly departed. It was a truly lovely experience. This time round its at the Bluecoat, and I will be helping provide the light show with Pete’s original material as well as my own stuff, and the audience will once again get the fill in the bit inbetween. And its on a Sunday! I implore you to come.

13 Jun


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The Model City

June 13, 2008 | By | No Comments

Trailer for my film exploring architectural models of Liverpool City Centre. The film was originally commissioned by BBC Big Screen for the Clayton Square screen.
The Model City website