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06 Aug


Rotunda Cinema

August 6, 2009 | By |

On Monday we had the first ever Rotunda cinema at the Lee Jones centre in Kirkdale.  Over 40 pensioners and guests came and enjoyed the screening, developed and hosted by the young people from Rotunda college.

We had adverts for local places of interest, trailers for classic films such as ‘The Quiet Man’, the ABC minors song, a raffle, oranges and ice-cream, and of course popcorn.  Milkman Tommy himself  came along to watch his own films by local film-maker Tim Brunsden.

The price of entrance was 1p or a clean jam jar.

The cinema is installed and ready

The cinema is installed and ready

iceacream, oranges and popcorn

ice-cream, oranges and popcorn

audience enjoying the trailers

audience enjoying the trailers

the box office board

the box office board

The Small Cinema in the Community is a Re-Dock project, supported by Liverpool City Council.

22 Jul


From Rotunda With Love

July 22, 2009 | By |

After 3 workshops with young people from Rotunda college and the ‘young’ people from the Lee Jones Centre, Re-Dock are proud to announce: A Small Cinema at the League of Welldoers!

“From Rotunda With Love” will feature several short films by local film-makers on a variety of issues, chosen by the young people for the League of Welldoers. Expect traditional cinema experiences such as local adverts, classic trailers, and people throwing orange peel.

Monday 3rd August
Box office opens 12:30pm
Presentation Starts 1:30pm

A Small Cinema - From Rotunda With Love

A Small Cinema - From Rotunda With Love

price – 1p or a jamjar

13 Jul


Leave a memory

July 13, 2009 | By |


I’m collecting peoples’ memories of going to the cinema. I’m interested in the different experiences we have depending on when we first or last went, and the role it plays in our lives.

Please spend 60 seconds sharing a memory of a cinema experience you had:

10 Jul


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Where Do You Go?

July 10, 2009 | By | No Comments

As part of the Make Your Own Liverpool project for NML back in May, me and John asked young people to begin adding places to the model of Liverpool. What emerged was a cityscape abundant in McDonalds restaurants and Primarks, but no Liver Building.

14 Apr


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Be My Guest – documentary

April 14, 2009 | By | No Comments

In 2008, Encounters toured South Liverpool with a unique multimedia show that presented the stories of the residents back to them in their own spaces. From community centres to peoples’ living rooms, the show (entitled ‘Be My Guest’) was hosted by the residents themselves as part of the Four Corners project. The process was developed into an exhibition held at the Bluecoats Arts Centre in the city centre, and a final performance took place with all the host communities coming together for the event. show credits: Performer – Paul Duckworth. Directed by Ruth Ben-Tovim. AudioVisual design by Luden AV. produced by Encounters. video produced by Luden AV.

23 Nov


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Huddersfield Connection

November 23, 2008 | By | No Comments

huddersfield Irish Centre - Hall

Tommy Walsh - guest speaker

Last week, myself and John O’Shea returned to our hometown of Huddersfield to present John’s documentary, ‘Connemara Connection‘ to an audience of over 300 hundred people from both the Huddersfield and Connemara communities, as well as our friends and relatives. It felt to me a very important and powerful experience, and in someways, a modern day approach to the traditional role of storytelling within a community. It was privilege to have been involved in caretaking the memories and histories of these communities and presenting it back to them in a way that celebrated the bonds between the two towns. It also felt like we had done something important in outlining the journey that the towns had made – adding our piece to the puzzle as it were.The pictures above show the hall of the Huddersfield Irish Centre as people were coming in, and also speaker Tommy Walsh, who said that Connemara Connection was “an important social and historical document”.

07 Nov


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Connemara Connection

November 7, 2008 | By | No Comments

Connemara Connection poster

On Friday 14th November I’ll be heading to my hometown of Huddersfield to watch a short film about the links between Huddersfield Irish community and the town of Connemara on Ireland’s west coast. The film has been made by my very good friend John O’Shea, who was born in Huddersfield but of Irish descent. John plays Gaelic football for the Brother Pearse club and is a strong believer in the importance of a game built around community rather than money. Last September he asked me to travel with him to Connemara and help document the community there, many of whom have family in Huddersfield.

We focused on a Gaelic football exchange trip between the Leiter Moir club and Brothers Pearse – an exchange that has been running for many years, and  one that helps to strengthen bonds betweenthe two  communities. John’s own father travelled with the club when he was a player. We interviewed the players, coaches, the club officials, and the local communities on both sides to get a understanding of the historical and cultural ties. Connemara is part of the Gaeltacht region, where Irish is the first language. As such, many of the interviews were conducted in Gaelic and then later translated by the Irish Studies department at Liverpool University.

It was strange to experience such a beautiful yet harsh landscape, a completely different language, and still meet person after person, each of whom had a personal knowledge and connection with the town where I am from. The people we met were extremely warm, friendly, generous, hospitable and of course with a great sense of humour. I felt both at home and away.

The film will be screened at The Huddersfield Irish Centre on the 14th November.