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14 Mar


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'Da Boyz' on Channel 4 news

March 14, 2009 | By | No Comments

Channel 4 covered the production of Da Boyz with a small feature that gives a bit of insight into the initiative behind the play.

22 Feb



The 4th Wall

February 22, 2009 | By | 5 Comments

I have just finished working on ‘Da Boyz’, a production addressing issues around gang culture and community voice. It is written by former Brookside and Emmerdale scribe Carol Cullington, and is directed by Ruth Ben-Tovim whom I worked with on theĀ Be My Guest project. A key creative decision was taken early on to stage the play in a way that the audience would be incorporated into the set, and that parts of the set would be used for video projections relaying key plot point (texts from characters) and also giving a sense of place.

The set was skillfully designed by Leeds-based Emma Williams, and made in such a way that it could be rigged with lights. The pictures below show how different locations were back-projected onto tracing paper (a cheap alternative to BP screen), and give an idea of how close the audience were to the action. The play tours for the next week around various commubity centres in Liverpool including Kensington, Garston and Croxteth.

Da Boyz asbo

da Boyz newsagent


Da Boyz shop

Da Boyz cullo