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22 May


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Moves Opening Night

May 22, 2010 | By | No Comments

Photo documentation of the Moves 10 launch in April where I performed a VJ set alongside sound scientist Tom Rea Smith (Amos) and TV Lux man Tristan Brady-Jacobs. It’s really nice to see how it looked to the audience, especially the Tangram-making section, which I couldn’t see at all due to my wrestling with those darn puzzles. Photos by Garth of

31 Jan


Blended Works 2005 – 2009

January 31, 2010 | By |

A visual mix of selected video works over the last five years. I decided to take stock of my work as part of an application for a residency at the North West Film Archive as part of AND. Fingers crossed.

Featured works:

0. Intro
1. Insane Mind
2. Human Grace
3. Electronica / Experiments in the revival of organisms
4. Angry boy
5. Noise Clouds
6. A Long Journey
8. Symphony of Bells
9. The Model City
10. The Huge Entity

All material used is either produced by myself or taken from and used under the Creative Commons license.

‘Kinetic Fallacy – Audiovision’ – music by Kinetic Fallacy (Hannah Peel and Emma Welsby)


‘Insane Mind’ – footage from ‘Nosferatu’
‘Human Grace’ – Footage from ‘Olympia’.
‘Electronica / Experiments in the revival of organisms’ footage from ‘Experiments in the revival of organisms’
‘AngryBoy’ – footage from ‘Emotions of Everyday Living’ and ‘Angry Boy’
‘Noise Clouds’ – video by Steve Clarkson.

A Long Journey – Sounds by Amos. Videos by Sam Meech / Pete Bamford. Mix by Sam Meech

‘Love’ – recordings and colours by Sam Meech, sounds by Amos.

‘Symphony of Bells’ – filmed by Tim Brunsden, Steve Clarkson, Markus Soukup, Sam Meech. Edited by steve Clarkson.

‘The Model City’ – sounds by Amos.

‘The Huge Entity’ – sounds by Amos.