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18 Jun


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Data As Culture + Workshop at Lighthouse Brighton

June 18, 2014 | By | No Comments

The Punchcard Economy project will be touring with the Data As Culture exhibition to Lighthouse in Brighton.

The show opens on 21st June and runs till 2oth July.

As with the ODI show, the venue is again too small to showacse the full banner, however, an ‘8 Hours Labour‘ sample banner containing the same dataset has been knitted especially for the Brighton venue.

I will be running  a machine knitting workshop as part of the show, on Saturday 28th June – if you’re based in Brighton and would like to knit your working week and a punchcard pattern repeat, then visit the Lighthouse site to sign up.

see some images of the workshop at Future Everything

pce 8hrs workshop

02 Feb


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KNITRONICA at the Whitworth Pubcrawl – 23rd Feb

February 2, 2014 | By | No Comments

An interesting event coming up – a live experiment in a Manchester music venue working with knitting and sound. In truth I’ve not ironed out the finer details of how exactly this will work, but I have faith we should be able to generate some interesting forms, both sonic and textile. I’m delighted as well to be joined by designer Marie Young who is looking at parallels between knitting and the Tenori-on. The event is part of the Whitworth Art Gallery Pub Crawl – a series of arts events in unusual spaces across manchester. The programme launches tonight.


Sunday 23rd Feb at Big Hands Manchester , 1pm – 7pm


A textiles experiment working with live music, sampled sound and knitting machines. A unique ‘band’ comprised of Tenori-on, a macbook, a hacked Brother 950i knitting machine, and possibly a couple of other music making devices, producing cross-over sounds and stitches. Exploring the parallels between punchcards and musical structures, electronic sequencing and the knitted digital image.


A collaboration by:

Sam Meech
Marie Young
Iris Cooper

audio_02_testing.bmp.200x292.b+w test.bmp.200x301.b+w web_marie-01-11 web_marie-01-15 web_marie-01-31 web_knitannie-01-28 web_knitannie-01-29 web_knitannie-01-06

15 Sep


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Drop-in Taster – Machine Knitting

September 15, 2013 | By | No Comments


Thursday 26th September 2-5pm at Purl City Yarns (62 Port St, Manchester, M1 2EQ)

Fancy having a go on a knitting machine, or discussing the possibilities of digital imaging and stocking stitch? Come along and meet myself and Iris from the NEPHRA Knit and Natter group, New Moston. We’re starting a dedicated Machine Knitting group in October, and we’re keen to encourage some new faces to come join us.

Purl City Yarns have kindly allowed us to set up a couple of machines upstairs for the afternoon on the 26th, so that anyone can drop in and find out more and also try their hand. Looking forward to meeting you!

06 Jun


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Cinema Memory Posters

June 6, 2010 | By | No Comments

Last week at Screen Deva I ran a workshop where people could screen print their own Cinema Memory Posters. It was the first time I had run the workshop and with typical optimism I totally underestimated the time each print would take to prepare, but we had a great day nonetheless, producing over 20 different posters with kids and parents. A lot of the memories were related to the films, but some touched on other aspects such as going to the cinema with mum and dad, or it being someone’s birthday.

The poster template worked really well as a place for people to put their memories. They first had to think of an experience they wanted to share, and then boil ot down to just a few words. They would then lay it out in illustrator (with the help of Neringa) which would then be sent to the vinyl cutter. Once weeded, this vinyl provided the stencil for printing. I prepared 150 posters with the blue template the day before, and the kids would screen print their words onto the template. It was nice and hands on and at the end they had a really nice poster that looked great but was also really personal to them.

06 Jun


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Getting your hands dirty

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More images from the Cinema Memory Poster Workshop.

17 Mar


Toys for Boys

March 17, 2010 | By |

tech desk

I’m currently providing some reactive AV for a project working with kids across two schools in Chester. Every week I set my stuff up and the kids develop a performance with dancers and musicians whilst I provide reactive projections.

This week though I was given an assistant, a little girl called Kirsty. I gave her the job of activating switches an changing colours. I simply gave her the korg nano pad with red green blue and yellow stickers on the pads, and let her change in time with the performers.

It worked well because whilst I had some fancy patches going on in Isadora and lots of great tech all cabled together, the key changes could be controlled via this very simple interface. So, with a little introduction, Kirsty was able to guide us through the show with flying colours.

22 Jul


From Rotunda With Love

July 22, 2009 | By |

After 3 workshops with young people from Rotunda college and the ‘young’ people from the Lee Jones Centre, Re-Dock are proud to announce: A Small Cinema at the League of Welldoers!

“From Rotunda With Love” will feature several short films by local film-makers on a variety of issues, chosen by the young people for the League of Welldoers. Expect traditional cinema experiences such as local adverts, classic trailers, and people throwing orange peel.

Monday 3rd August
Box office opens 12:30pm
Presentation Starts 1:30pm

A Small Cinema - From Rotunda With Love

A Small Cinema - From Rotunda With Love

price – 1p or a jamjar

10 Jul


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Where Do You Go?

July 10, 2009 | By | No Comments

As part of the Make Your Own Liverpool project for NML back in May, me and John asked young people to begin adding places to the model of Liverpool. What emerged was a cityscape abundant in McDonalds restaurants and Primarks, but no Liver Building.

18 Jun


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Playtime with Isadora

June 18, 2009 | By | No Comments

This week I made a presentation at a conference about the use of Technology in Childrens Dance Theatre, held at FACT in Liverpool. I talked about my role as a digital designer for a childrens dance show called ‘A Different Tune‘, which is currently touring the North West, as well as giving people an insight into Isadora, a very nifty peice of software for digital design.

Isadora playtime - 50 in one

I based the presentation on three oppositions:

1. input / output
2. Values / value
3. media / idea

The first aim was to communicate how Isadora can be used to take any number of inputs (sound, movement, colour, position, midi….) and apply that to an output (size, volume, position, speed, etc ). For this I had people cheering to make the screen brighter, waving their arms to make a movie go faster and turning two volunteers into a human mixing desk by having raise and lower coloured paper infront of a camera.

Isadora Playtime - wave isadora play - chroma

This then raised the question of ‘Whats the point?’. And of course there isn’t any, unless you have an idea to communicate.

isadora playtime


Finally I asked three people to design an imaginary creature (like in my ‘Creatures in Motion‘  workshop). They then developed a biology and history for those creatures. And finally they created the sound of that creature. As they growled, chirped and mewed, the images of the creatures grew, but this time we had all invested a lot in their stories and ideas and so were  more deeply engaged by this relatively simple input / output.

Isadora playtime - creatures

I never generally like using technology for its own sake and find myself often having to argue for the absense of it in shows. An audience needs to engage with ideas, not technology.

A Small Cinema - idea