Drawing Music – the Bluecoat opening weekend


My good friends Chris Rodenhurst (Sketchybeast) and Hannah Peel (Kinetic Fallacy) will be performing together on Sunday 16th March at the opening of The Bluecoat arts centre in Liverpool. Chris will be showing a slideshow about a boys journey into the mouth of a tiger(!) whilst Kinetic Fallacy provide the music, before drawing live and large to Ms Peel’s creation of loops and melodies. I will be filming this drawathon and also selling 10p raffle tickets to win some black pudding and a set of Sketchybeast postcards.More of Chris’ work can be seen at Sketchybeast.com, Hannah’s music can be heard both at her own website – hannahpeel.co.uk – and at kineticfallacy.co.uk

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