The Model of Clayton Square

The Model of Clayton Square 
The Model of Clayton Square is the last remaining architectural model of Clayton Square Shopping Centre. One of three models built in the early 1980’s, this model was salvaged from a skip by Bren O’Callaghan when the manager of the centre let builders lash them while he had his office refurbished. I rebuilt the model from the leftover parts, including some of the lead figures from the other two models, and filmed it as part of making ‘The Model City’. Once finished, the model became home to a large female house spider for a number of months before she died.

 The Model of Clayton Square (front elevation)

The Model of Clayton Square is on show at the View Two Gallery, Liverpool from Thursday 23rd October to 1st November as part of the ‘Local Heroes’ exhibition, curated by Samuel Skinner.The film of ‘The Model City’ will be shown along with 10 other short films by local artists at A Small Cinema, an intimate temporary cinema installation taking place in View Two Gallery, 7pm, Friday 24th October.   

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